Entebbe Airport

Heading to the central region in Wakiso district you find Entebbe international Airport, the main entry point for all visitors who go to Uganda by plane. It is upgraded and impresses visitors with its new structural designs including the interior furnishings.


It is situated in Entebbe, an area that stretches along the shores of Lake Victoria. The Airport is six kilometers away from Entebbe town and 45 kilometers southwest of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


EBB is one of the biggest and busiest aviation facilities in East Africa. It is expected to handle 6.1 million passengers and 172,000 tonnes of cargo by the year 2033. This Airport handles not less than 100,000 visitors every day including arrivals and departures.

Arriving & Departing

Several planes of different airline companies transport thousands of travelers to and from Entebbe Airport daily. It is active 24 hours. These flights arrive at different intervals.

If you wish to access or leave Uganda through EBB Airport, don’t delay to contact notable operators like Emirates, KLM, Brussels, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Uganda Airlines, Air Arabia, and a lot more.

Documents Needed

All travelers arriving at EBB must have four required documents. These include a valid passport, visa, yellow fever card, and the Covid-19 certificate.

For those who are departing from Entebbe, you have to be with a valid passport, departure embarkation card and also know the paperwork needed for your next travel destination.

Facilities at EBB

This aviation structure has multiple facilities which provide essential services to the trippers. The list includes restaurants, baggage identification room, an airline lounge, washrooms including baby changing facilities, forex outlets, Airtel and mobile money outlets, soft drink kiosks, waiting and parking areas.


It is easier to get to and from Entebbe Airport. If you don’t have an arrangement with a friend or relative in Uganda, the best option is a taxicab ride. It is cheap, safe, and quick. Reserve in advance. Whether you arrive in Uganda during the day or at night, the driver will pick you up.

Be sure to share the correct flight details and arrival date. Once you move out of the terminal, the best way to locate your driver is to look at the raised placards and select the one which showcases your name.

Nearby Cities & Hotels

Besides Entebbe city, its main location, the other nearby city is Kampala. From Kampala, you can get to other cities like Jinja, Mbarara, Gulu, Mbale, Hoima, Masaka, and Fort portal. All roads that connect you to these areas start from the capital.

Each city has great accommodation reserved for guests. Of all properties, Protea Hotel Entebbe is the nearest. It is 1.7km from the Airport’s parking area. For cheap accommodation, there is a lot in Entebbe. Use online platforms like booking, Viator, and more to get better deals.