Airport Departure Entebbe

Several travelers depart from the Entebbe Airport to other parts of the globe. If you are one of them, follow these steps for a successful trip.

Get the Visa

The first step is to apply for a Visa. Visit a consulate or an embassy for the country you want to visit. It is a long process, and make sure to go with the necessary information, including your passport, the reason for your travel, inviting letter, or other mandatory documents.

Once approved, you can get it within weeks or a month depending on the nation. Some countries take long to issue visitors with this document. One of them is the United States of America.

Reserve a flight Ticket

After getting the visa, the next is to book a flight ticket. Multiple airline companies operate flights from Entebbe Airport to other parts of the planet. Some of them are Brussels, KLM, Emirates, Kenya Airways, Uganda Airlines, RwandAir, and Turkish Airlines, to name but a few. To make things easier, reserve your ticket through a booking agent.

When your flight time and travel dates are confirmed, try to prepare for the trip in time. Get yourself a good suitcase, clothes, shoes and other necessities. Pack light and leave some space in your suitcase. Research and know the number of kilograms allowed. Don’t include illegal things like drugs, fake minerals, and more in your bag or pocket.

Get to the Airport

Inquire and reserve a taxi for transport to Entebbe Airport. Make arrangements and share correct details such as pick-up location, and time. Reserve enough time for travel from Kampala or any other area to EBB.

If you are caught up by time, avoid using routes with too much traffic. From the capital the northern bypass and Entebbe expressway are the best options.

Check-in at Departures

You have to check-in three hours before your departure flight. The check-in gate closes 45 minutes before the plane takes off. Come with the required paperwork, including the departure embarkation card, valid passport, yellow fever card, and the negative Covid-19 PCR test.

You present the embarkation card to the immigration officer. This shows that you applied for the Visa. The officer will stamp this card and give it back to you. Continue to the next department for screening, and check-in. Secure your seat number as you wait for boarding.

Enjoy your flight

Later on, the journey will start, and enjoy your flight to Dubai, Nairobi, Kigali, Istanbul, or other places. Come with gadgets that can help you kill boredom like earphones, iPods, and more.