How to Book EBB Taxi

Do you desire to use a taxi from the Entebbe International Airport? Here are the steps you should follow, and reserve one before your arrival date. It is the best option for Airport transfer from EBB or the newly established Hoima Airport in the western part of Uganda.

Send an Inquiry message.

Use the form on our contact us page, and send a message inquiring about availability and the price for your trip. Make sure to include your next destination from Entebbe Airport.

The rates charged for each trip depend on the length of the journey. Moreover, outline all the details you would like to know about. The reservation agent is available to give answers.

Receive the reply

You will receive the reply in a few minutes. It includes the answers to your questions like the trip cost, how to locate the driver, mode of payment, and a lot more. When you take long without getting a reply, try to check in your spam or junk folder. Some servers forward the email replies to spam.

Aside from that, if you want to book the taxi at the last minute, like hours before your arrival time, don’t forget to share your WhatsApp number and be online. They can get back to you quickly with a text message.

I have some advice here, don’t think of ordering a taxicab after moving out of the EBB arrival terminal. You will be disappointed because these cars are in high demand. If you have not made an arrangement, it is hard to get one, mostly at night.

Confirm & Share correct details

After receiving the reply, you can confirm in time. Share correct travel details such as the arrival date, flight landing time, names, and your next place.

The driver will be ready for you on that date. When you reach the waiting area at the arrivals exit point, look for raised signposts and select the one which exhibits your name. Meet the driver and share greetings. Later, get into the car to start the journey.

Moreover, it’s paramount to know the reasons why you make payment for Airport transfer Entebbe.