Facilities at Entebbe Airport

Most people know less information about Entebbe Airport, especially those who have not visited the pearl of Africa. If you are traveling to a new destination, it is better to research and be informed about it.

For visitors to Uganda, the first thing to keep you busy on the internet is the EBB Airfield. Read about its location, how to get there, transportation, and its setting. Of all things, I have prioritized first the structures that make up this property.

If you fancy a clear picture of this air station, don’t delay to know the facilities at the renowned Entebbe International Airport.


 Inside the terminals 


Customs Desk

This handles all arriving travelers. When your flight touches the grounds at the EBB runway, you move out and continue to the terminals for screening, necessary checks, and clearance. You have to present all the mandatory documents before you are issued entry permission.

Be ready to spend a good time in the queue especially when there are more than two landed flights. After clearance, you wait for your luggage.

Baggage Claim Area

This area is available to receive all complaints of lost luggage. It is open 24 hours and every traveler is free to forward in his or her concern regarding luggage. Most airlines are good at losing passengers’ baggage.

Check-in Areas (Departure)

If you are departing from Entebbe Airport, this area is for you. It receives all trippers who have a flight from Uganda to other parts of the World. Make sure to be at the airport three hours before your departure flight time.

The gate for this area closes 45 minutes before the plane takes off. Once you find it closed, you have no option other than missing your flight except for those who have checked in online. Be sure to keep time and avoid inconveniences.

Airline Lounge

This is a good place to sit and relax as you wait for your departure time. You enjoy drinks and other eatables at a cost.

Telecommunication & Forex Outlets

Multiple telecommunication companies and financial institutions are available to provide communication and banking services. If you need a local Sim card with data bundles and airtime, don’t wait to visit the MTN or Airtel desk. Forex and bank outlets enable you to exchange money from your home currency for Uganda shillings.

Passengers with special needs

There is provision for people with special needs like unique ways for travelers who use wheelchairs, helpers for blind visitors, and more.


Every public area must have washrooms. This is meant to ensure good hygiene. That’s why there are also available at the Airport.


 Outside the terminals 


Meeting Areas

Just outside the arrivals exit point, you find the meeting area. This place is gazetted for people to welcome their loved ones from abroad. If you have someone to pick you up, expect to find him or her in this area.

It is always crowded with people raising placards with different names. When you move out of the terminal, look and choose the signpost which exhibits your name. Moreover, this

Parking lots

There are three parking lots at the Airport. One is for ordinary parking, the second one is for VIPs and the other is for long-term parking. A long-term parking lot is for people who wish to leave their cars at the airport for weeks or months. There are all available for use at a cost.

Payment outlets for the parking fee.

Before you leave the Airport, make sure to pay for parking. The machine at the gate won’t issue you the exit permission if you haven’t paid. The automatic paying machines are in place, but a bit is hidden for a person who is at the Airport for the first time.

If you are not sure of their location, try to ask an officer around. He or she will direct you. For more information, read our guide to driving to and from the Entebbe Airport.

Mobile money & Soft drink Kiosks

If you want to withdraw money from your Ugandan local Sim-card or send money to someone, there are mobile and airtel money kiosks for you. There are also soft drinks. If you feel thirsty, visit the vendor and get a cold one. Sit in the nearby tent and enjoy it.

Public toilets

Public toilets are adjacent to the ordinary parking area. It consists of a women’s and men’s wing. Choose one based to use based on your gender. There are well facilitated with water, and toilet tissues and available for use at no charge.