Driving To & From Entebbe Airport

Entebbe Airport welcomes everyone, including those who go there to receive their guests from abroad. This aviation facility records the entry and exit of multiple motor vehicles and passengers daily.

It has only one entry and exit point. If you are a first-time visitor, here is the information you need to know before you drive to and from the EBB Airport.

To the Airport

You follow the main route from the Entebbe town, Kitolo, or airport stage up to the gate. Along the way, you pass by notable places like the 4 points restaurant, the UN base, and several beaches like Lido, Spenar, and white sand beach. Once there, you are checked by the officials.

If you have passengers in the car, they have to move out and pass through the automatic checking machine. The driver continues to the entry machine. Click the green button and pick up the issued parking card.

After, it will open for you to enter. Continue up to the parking area. If my explanation is not enough, ask the officers available to guide you or see from your fellow motorists.

From the Airport

The first thing to do is to pay the parking fee. Visit the machine and make the payment. There are two different ports where you insert the money and the parking card. It will charge you and give back the balance and the card.

The cost depends on the time spent in the parking area. These machines only accept paper money and no coins. If the money inserted is not enough, it will bounce it back. After, sit in your car and drive up to the gate.

When you reach the machine, insert the card. It will open for you to continue with your journey. If it fails, ask the available agent for help.