Uganda Suspends Covid PCR Test

On 27th April 2022, Uganda put on hold the requirement of the negative Covid-19 PCR test done within 72 hours before travel. It was agreed after the country saw a continuous decrease in the number of positive cases of Covid-19.

Moreover, most people in the public and other parts of the world are fully vaccinated. It is not only Uganda, but even other countries around the globe are also pausing this health directive. It is good news for the travel industry. It will lessen the costs incurred for a trip.

Some travel addicts have been reluctant to leave their home countries for other nations because of these multiple tests. The pearl of Africa hopes to receive more visitors at the Entebbe International Airport. More information below is essential for you.

Incoming Travelers

It is now not mandatory to come with a negative PCR test at the EBB Airport if you are fully vaccinated and children below the five years of age.

You are only required to show proof of your vaccination. Make sure to have legit documents to avoid inconveniences or unnecessary penalties.

Departing Trippers

The same applies to passengers who are leaving EBB for other nations. With evidence that defends your vaccination status, no need to test unless it is a prerequisite for your next travel destination or carrier airline. No more wasting time at the Airport.

Both the aviation and tourism industries were hit hard by the coronavirus. Multiple companies made losses due to the cancellation of bookings. Everyone was scared financially, but at least there is a promising recovery.

Passenger traffic is increasing at various airports around the world. Several airlines resumed operations. Let’s travel and see every corner of the planet.