Requirements for Entry into Uganda

Every country has requirements for travelers who come in from other parts of the World. One of them is Uganda in the Eastern part of Africa. If you plan to visit this nation on your next trip, here are the documents you must present for entry permission.

The entry point may be Entebbe International Airport or land borders like Malaba, Elegu, Mutukula, Busia, Katuna, Cyanika, and Bunagana border posts.

Travel Visa

Before you book a flight ticket, make sure to apply for a Uganda Visa. Without this document, you can’t enter Uganda. There is a tourist Visa, Business Visa, and East African Visa for those who hope to visit other countries like Kenya and Rwanda.

They no longer issue this document on arrival. Therefore, don’t delay to get it in advance. Visit a consulate in your home country or use the online platform for immigration of Uganda.

Your Passport

Your passport must be valid for six months to its expiry date. It must indicate your details, including the photo, name, date of birth, country of origin, and more. Keep it safe such that you don’t lose it en route.

Health Documents

The health documents needed include a legit yellow fever card, a negative PCR test, or the Covid-19 certificate for a person who is fully vaccinated. They must be approved by a recognized laboratory.

Traveler health declaration code

Before you board the plane, be sure to fill out the online traveler health declaration form and submit your details to the responsible health officials. It is mandatory for arriving and departing travelers at all entry points (Entebbe Airport and land borders).

You are advised to do it within 24 hours of your flight time. After approval, you get a QR code via Email. You present this code to the immigration officers at customs.