Transport at Entebbe Airport

After landing at Entebbe Airport, you need transportation to reach your location. Airports in other countries have multiple means like trains, tube, and cabs.

For EBB, it is only road transport you use and get to your hotel in Kampala, residential home, or conference center. The road from this aviation facility connects to the capital and other parts of Uganda.

All incoming visitors exit the Airfield through one gate only. If you hope to arrive at the Entebbe International Airport, and travel around Uganda, here are the different options for you to use.

EBB Airport Taxi

Taxicabs at EBB belong to locals who offer the service to whoever needs a ride to any place in Uganda. Operators use saloon cars like Toyota Premio, Wish, Spacio, Raum, and Minivans like Noah, Voxy, Alphard, and legius. There are marked and registered. Friendly local drivers operate these vehicles and drive passengers at favorable rates.

This private transfer is cheap, secure, and quick. It includes Airport pickup and drop-off at EBB. You are dropped at the exact stopping point. If you need to use a cab, contact the reservation agent online and book in advance.

Expect to pay 40 USD for a ride to Kampala and the suburbs. Beyond the renowned capital city, the rate starts from 50 US dollars going up.

Rent a Car at EBB

For those who fancy a self ride in Entebbe, Kampala, Uganda, you should look no further than Car Rental Kampala. At a very reasonable price, you get your self a good 4×4 car to drive as you handle different business deals or get around with friends or a girlfriend to see what this nation has to offer. You can choose to use a Land cruise Prado, Toyota Rav 4 or a land cruiser V8.


Uber is an online transport service. It bases in San Francisco, United States of America, but it extended its operation to several countries, including Uganda. Customers use the app on their mobile phones to order a car. The nearby driver will come for you. Cars have meters that count the trip charge. The cost of a trip depends on the number of kilometers covered.

Uber operates more in cities and urban areas. In Uganda, it operates more within Kampala city. On their website, they put Entebbe Airport among the areas covered, but it is hard to get one while at the Airport.

It is only perfect for those who need to leave Kampala for EBB and not ideal for those who desire to leave the Airport for Kampala.

Public Taxi (Matatu)

Here is another cheap option, although it’s not secure for foreign visitors. With the matatu, you have to mix with the locals. These cars carry 14 passengers. Besides safety, another bad thing about the matatu is time wastage.

They go stopping along the way to load and offload passengers. At the Airport, there are no public means. You find them in Kitoro. This area is about 5 kilometers from the Airport. From the parking lot to the gate, it is about one kilometer.

From the EBB gate, take a Boda that costs 3000 UGX (one dollar) up to Kitoro. There is no Boda stage at the gate, but you can get one on a lucky day. A matatu from Kitoro to Kampala costs 5000 UGX (one and a half dollars).

This shared vehicle takes you directly to USAFI Park or the old taxi park in the city center. From here, you need to get another taxi or Boda and reach your place. If you have luggage, don’t risk going to the city center because the area is busy from morning to evening.