Entebbe Airport Parking fees

If you plan to visit Entebbe international airport with a car, don’t forget to reserve some money for parking in your pockets. It is mandatory for every motorist to pay for some space in the EBB parking lot.

Some friend of mine asked this question. Can I dodge payment for parking at Entebbe Airport? The answer is no. It starts from the gate. Before you enter with the vehicle, pick a ticket such that the available automatic machine grants you entry permission.

When you reach the machine, press the green button as you look at the screen. If it’s successful, it will show “processing ticket”. Once the card is issued, pick it. The horizontal metal bar will move up for you to continue your journey.

Go and park in the ordinary parking lot. Except when you have VIP documentations, you can use the VIP parking area. After business at EBB, get the card and visit the machines at the far ends of the airfield to clear the bill.

These machines are automatic. There is space where you insert money and the card. If you don’t know how to use these machines, please ask the available officer to help.

The charge for parking at EBB airport is 2000 UGX for the first hour. The other hours you pay 500 UGX per hour. Moreover, these machines only accept notes of the Ugandan shillings. The lowest note allowed is 2000 UGX, and the biggest is 20,000 UGX.

After clearing, please take your balance and the ticket. Drive up to the gate. You insert this card in the machine. The horizontal bar moves up to pave way for you.

There is a camera which scans the vehicle. Sometimes the horizontal bar moves up before you insert the ticket in the machine. So, you are free to continue with your drive to Entebbe, Kampala or any other part in Uganda.

For those who need long term parking at the airport, the price is 60,000 UGX per month. This amount is varying. Don’t be surprised to reach the responsible office when it is increased or decreased.